Hello Everyone!

We are bringing all the tasks to Trello to improve transparency. We believe it will be an effective way to track the current progress, priorities, upcoming tasks, and also the pending ones.

Board is very straight-forward and easy to understand. However, we added one column called “Community Todo” — This is exclusively for a community to work on few tasks.

We request you to follow the Trello board to track the progress.

Note :

  • Not all tasks are added to the board.
  • We plan to keep it minimal. So only less information shared on the boards
  • We started the board with the current and upcoming tasks as of 3rd May’21. So previously completed tasks will not be there on the Trello Board.

Trello Board link : https://trello.com/b/C3vU19Z6/font-community-work-board

Thank you!